Would You Like to Meet?

It would be my pleasure to hear from you and discuss your desires. However, please take the time to read this page carefully before reaching out. I am most receptive and delighted to hear from those who contact me in the manner I request and who respect my boundaries around communication.

-My private life does not afford me the ability to answer any phone calls that have not been arranged in advance by text or email communication. PLEASE DO NOT PHONE ME AS YOUR INITIAL CONTACT.

-My phone is turned off between 10pm and 8am. You will generally not get replies to late night texts or emails until the following day. I RARELY accommodate short notice or last minute bookings.

-I am most receptive to a first contact by text or email that introduces you in your own words. Please tell me a little bit about yourself, where you saw me and what it is that interests you in the possibility of meeting me. I will generally respond to such an introductions fairly quickly and positively.

-You can also introduce yourself by completing either of my two introduction forms

 notes tp include:

intro form link

domination form link

screening expectations

payment options and expectatins

cell number and email