Services for

Isolated Lovers

The past year has been extraordinarily hard for all of us. I acknowledge the need for human connection, companionship, friendship, sensual diversions and sexual release in this time of anxiety, isolation, grief and exhaustion.

As a compassionate, intuitive and mature empath, I look forward to bringing positivity, hope and joy into your days of isolation (or of the stress of your work in essential services.)

Athena's Virtual Offerings

Let's get better acquainted and build up our chemistry together!

(Availability only between 7:30am and 10:00pm (EST), except by arrangement)


Nut Butter - $35

10 photos from the 'vault', sent to your email - chosen by me based on your stated preferences, sent all at once

Sexty Giblets - $50

Sporadic/surprise texts throughout one single day with at least 10 photos to get your juices flowing


Eyeball Poppers - $10 each (6 for $50, 13 for $100)

Sexy custom or never-seen photos, ask and you shall receive. Delivered one a day or all at once - your choice!


Deep Fried Sext - $75

30 minutes of continuous text exchange with a stream of sweet or salty (your choice) photos, could have a happy ending...

Peach Gobbler - $45/15min, $90/30min, $150/hr

Let's talk on the phone, sweet or salty...the world is on pause and uncertain...let's get better acquainted and laugh, cry or moan in ecstasy together. You may find my voice very enticing...

Buttered Porn Bread - $100/2-3 min, $150/5-7 min, $200/10min, $250/10-12min, $400/20-30 min

Custom video - made just for you by request - what would you like to see? Watch it over, and over again to combat boredom!

Toasted Eggplant - $125/15min, $200/30 min, $300/45min, $350/hour

Live video chat, interactive one on one video session with (or without) full nudity and erotic engagement 


Seize Her Salad - $250 [Virtual GFE 'Lite']

For those looking for a great experience but counting the ‘calories’ in these precarious times...Virtual Girlfriend ‘Lite’. One week of daily contact with a couple of extras…
-a week of daily text check-ins and photos  (no extended text chats beyond 5 minutes)
-one scheduled phone or video session of up to 30 minutes


Plough Her Platter - $450 [Virtual GFE]

Enjoy the fun of having a sexy MILF/Virtual Girlfriend on speed dial for an ENTIRE WEEK...daily texting and photos taken just for you to help you through your days and evenings. Scheduled phone time in which we can get better acquainted and chat about how you are doing, or just talk dirty to each other!  And best of all... one smokin’ hot live video session where you can enjoy a strip tease, mutual masturbation or we can just talk and have a drink together. Treat yourself to sexy diversion, release and thrills in this stressful time.


-A week of texting with photos (up to three 30 minute continuous text sessions plus intermittent daily texting)

-30 minutes of scheduled phone (audio only) time (can be divided into up to 2-3 shorter calls)

-One live video or phone session (up to 45 minutes) with full nudity and erotic engagement (if desired)





TEXT 647-484-3623




Please note, all Virtual Services must be PREPAID by one of the following means and RECEIPT CONFIRMED before we dive in. Use email  for all payments. 


-Email transfer (EMT) **my first choice**


-Amazon digital gift card (LINK TO PURCHASE)



*Prices, offerings and details are subject to change without notice

*If you are unable to participate in video or phone calls due to your circumstances, I can create a customized package and price for you based on what works best for you

*The ‘kitchen’ is only open between 7:30am and 11:00pm unless we have made a special agreement. I need my beauty sleep and am not available late at night.

*The needs of my family must come first. I operate with integrity and promise to honour our agreement and provide fabulous diversions within the limits of my availability. 24/7 services are NOT available.